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Margaret Moseley

MARGARET MOSELEY was born in Oklahoma and reared in Fort Worth, Texas, shere she attended public schools. She spent her early professional years with the Fort Worth Press and WBAP-TV (now KXAS-TV), and then moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas, with her husband Jack (now former husband) when he became editor of the Southwest Times Record. In Fort Smith she began working in public relations and got involved in politics, working toward the election of a young governor named Bill Clinton.

In the 1990s she decided to write a novel. The result, Bonita Faye, achieved great acclaim. Another novel, Milicent LeSueur also was published by Three Forks Press. A series of other mystery novels were published by Berkeley: The Fourth Season (1998), Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes (1999), and A Little Traveling Music, Please (2000). The mother of two daughters, Ms. Moseley now lives in Euless, Texas.

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Bonita Faye - $20 *

Bonita Faye was inspired by a visit with her first husband to a small restaurant in Heavener, Oklahoma, where they began talking about plots and stories. "Then I looked over at a woman with blue-gray silver hair who was sitting in the corner," Margaret recalls. "She had on a powder-blue polyester pantsuit. I said, 'For instance, this woman has a life; it would make a story. Imagine she's a murderer; she just killed somebody.' We talked about that, and I came home and sat down at the computer and wrote three pages of it. Four months later, I had the book." Bonita Faye was the first novel published by Three Forks Press. It was named a finalist in the 1996 Edgar Awards competition. This very popular novel about an unassuming, matronly woman who through unusual circumstances murdered not just one but two individuals without being caught was translated and published in Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, and Danish. Harper/Collins produced a mass market paperback edition for American readers. First-edition copies of Bonita Faye, of which initial printing was only 1,000, have been bringing a premium as a collectible.

1996. Hardcover, 2nd printing. 180 pages. ISBN 0-9637629-4-X.


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