Can aluminum damage our health?

Aluminum is one of the most common metal on Earth.
Accordingly, it is found in small quantities also in the air, water and food.

In terms of food, it is possible to find this metal in some recipients. In addition, aluminum sheets are very used to cook and store foods.

Can these factors damage our health?
We can stay relaxed. The aluminum content of food and medicine is not to be considered a problem because only a small part of this metal is absorbed by our body.
The aluminum content that penetrates into the food we then eat from the leaves and containers depends essentially on some factors such as the temperature (if it is high, aluminum can be easily absorbed), or some ingredients, which can increase the traces of metal.

It’s obvious that an abuse of this metal can bring some damages to our health.
However it is impossible to avoid aluminum completely. At the same time, thanks to some precautions, we can reduce the quantity of aluminum assumed.

For instance:
1. Instead of using aluminum sheets, when it is possible, we can replace them with oven paper.
2. Avoid to cook with high temperatures
3. Reduce the use of aluminum utensils.

M & M’ s world!

M & M’s are sugared almonds that contains chocolate. They are covered with colored icing, imprinted with a letter “m”, produced by Mars, Incorporated.

What is their history?
They were introduced to the market in 1954, although the “M & M’s” brand was already in existence since 1941. There are many variants of the product: for instance,  M & Ms with milk chocolate, peanuts, blossomed rice, liqueur, peanut butter, white chocolate, chocolate with mint, vanilla, dark chocolate, almonds, chocolate with orange, coconut and so on Initially, the colors in which the M & Ms were produced were brown, yellow, orange, red, green and purple: the color blue was added only in 1995.

The letter “m” on each M & M is dye added on the surface of the sugared almonds, which is the symbol of these choco desserts.

Where can you buy them?
They are available in bars, supermarkets and even in special stores.
In fact, there are various M & M’ s store situated in many cities of the world, such as New York and London. Inside the store you will see a colorful and “delicious” world. There are several M & M’s dispensers and gadgets of all type. Visiting their store, you’ll have an unforgettable experience!

In addition, it is important to say that M & M’s have two mascots, built on fixed graphics computers that appear in commercials, usually alongside the “human” turn-key testimonial. The two mascots are the sarcastic “Red”, who is a red M&M’s, and the most naive “Yellow”, who is a yellow M & M’s . In the United States, have also been introduced other characters to promote the variations of the product: for instance, there are “Green” “Blue” and “Orange”.

Did you know? Inside the M & M’s London store, the main characters are reproduced in the style of the famous Abbey Road photo of The Beatles.