Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for health!

A glass of warm water with a half  lemon juice the morning when you are already awake can be very powerful to your health.

This miraculous drink is really simple to prepare: you just have to add a freshly squeezed organic lemon juice to a glass of warm water. If the taste is too sour, you can add a teaspoon of honey to soften it but do not use sugar!
To enjoy all the benefits and properties of this elixir it is essential to consume it with an empty stomach.

Time by time, you will see several benefits for your body and your health.
Don’t you believe it?

Let’s discover the main benefits!

1) It can stimulate the immune system. Rich in vitamin C, lemons are the best ally against colds and respiratory problems. They also help absorb iron from the body.

2) It helps to don’t getting fat. It is clear that lemon has detoxifying and it is an excellent antioxidant. For this reason, it can help to keep your weight regular.

3) It is good for the bones. Thanks to the presence of vitamin C in lemons, this drink can be a very powerful ally to bones and connective tissue.

4) Ensuring hydration. Water and lemon help the body reintegrate the lost liquids. It is not an action to underestimate: if the body is not moisturized enough you may feel tired, weak and unconfined. In fact, it is recommended to drink many glasses of water a day (about 8).

5) It is good for skin and to avoid wrinkles. Lemon juice cleans the face and hands skin and is effective especially for fat skin. It also reduce the risk of the development of wrinkles and stains and acne.

6) This drink can be an ally against the tumor. Water and lemon would eliminate the formation of carcinogenic and free radicals.

7) It helps the digestive system. In fact, lemon juice stimulates the liver to produce bile, necessary for digestion. Mixed with warm water also stimulates the intestines and eliminate toxins, stimulating the production of urine.

8) It can adjust blood pressure. Thanks to the high presence of potassium, pressure and nerve activity are stabilized.

9) Natural Energizer. Even the lemon flavor alone has energizing properties and improves mood; Drinking juice gives a great amount of energy to our body. In addition, it struggles with fatigue, stress, appetite and depression, and stimulates creativity. So it could be very good for your brain!

10) It is helpful for your mouth. Lemon refreshes the breath and gives relief from toothache and gingivitis.

11) It can cure some inflammations, which refer to stomach, intestine or the urinary tract.

These are just a few of the main benefits of these drink because both ingredient are miraculous alone!
In fact, the benefits of lemon are known since antiquity. It contains citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids and other substances which stimulate immune defenses and combat infections.
While water ensures good hydration causing many benefits about brain, muscles, digestion, heart, arteries, stomach, bones and so on.

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