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From High on the Hilltop... (Paperback Edition) - $24.95 *

A historical account of Southern Methodist University written by Marshall Terry, one of the university's most distinguished and beloved professors, with essays by other authors (including the president of the university, R. Gerald Turner) describing various aspects of the institution's history as it approaches its centennnial anniversary. SMU was founded in 1911 and classes were first offered in 1915.

2008 paperback edition. ISBN 978-1-893451-14-8

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Dallas Citizens Council - $25 *

A history of Dallas' most powerful civic organization, founded in 1937 as an elite membership with membership limited to the chief executives of local businesses. Since its beginning the organization has touched in a significant way virtually every major development in the transformation of Dallas into one of America's leading citizens.

2008 paperback edition. ISBN 978-893451-13-1

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Dallas Reconsidered - $14 *

Dallas Reconsidered: Essays in Local History, edited by Michael V. Hazel, is a collection of essays appearing originally in Heritage News and Legacies. Hazel is the author himself of nine of the thirty essays, and the others are written by local historians whose findings are putting the city's past in a new light. The essays are divided into five sections: Establishing a Community, Building a City, Ethnic Groups in Dallas, Women in Dallas, and Special Events in Dallas. The essays, well-researched and readable, have such titles as "Navigating the Trinity," "Early Italian Settlers in Dallas," "Dallas Women's Clubs," and "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines." The back cover of the book notes "Some Surprising Facts About Dallas." These include the story of a steamboat that came up the Trinity to Dallas from the Gulf of Mexico in 1867, a German beer garden that in 1886 made first use in town of outdoor electric lights, a thriving Italian community that supported an Italian language newspaper for many years, a cotton mill owned and operated by African Americans just after 1900, and the election of two activist women in 1908 to the school board at a time when women could not vote.

1995. Paper. 325 pages. ISBN 0-9637629-9-0.

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Reporting the Kennedy Assassination - $10 *

Reporting the Kennedy Assassination relates the word-by-word proceedings of the thirtieth reunion of journalists who covered the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas on that fateful weekend of Nov. 22-24, 1963. These fascinating stories give first-person accounts of the journalists' experiences at Dealey Plaza, inside the Schoolbook Depository, at Parkland Hospital, at the Texas Theater where Oswald was captured, and at the Dallas police station. This is an essential document for students of the assassination as well as casual readers who want to know more about what happened behind the scenes. With photographs.

1996. Paper. 174 pages. ISBN 0-9637629-2-3.

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Three Forks Press: Authors from - and books about - Dallas and Northeast Texas

Three Forks Press specializes in books about Dallas and Northeast Texas or books written by Dallas-area authors. Non-fiction works largely have been narrative histories about the area, its people, and its institutions. Fiction includes award-winning books in literary and mystery genres by accomplished writers.

Since the press' founding in 1994 its non-fiction books have produced significant, documented findings that bring fascinating new detail and perspectives about the emergence of Dallas as one of the nation's largest and most important cities. Prominent authors include Steve Blow, Ronald L. Davis, Michael V. Hazel, and Darwin Payne.

Fiction includes books by Marshall Terry, one of the state's most noted and award-winning authors, and Margaret Moseley, whose first work of fiction, Bonita Faye, was an Edgar Award finalist for the best first mystery novel of 1996.

Three Forks Press' most recent book is a novel by Marshall Terry entitled "From High on the Hilltop...".

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